Tuesday, July 17, 2007

10 Mistakes People Make With Their Life Insurance

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Are you guilty of these mistakes?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions… we need to talk immediately!

Did you buy a life insurance policy…

1. From an inexperienced agent? Do not buy from someone new to this business. Do you really want to place your family’s future in the hands of someone licensed for only a short while?

2. Over the internet? One simple mistake could see your cash going to the wrong person, or even worse -- the government.

3. That’s the wrong kind? There are so many different types of insurance policies and coverages. Remember… you don’t need the same policy as your neighbor!

4. For the wrong amount? Life insurance is for the loved ones you leave behind. They must be protected!

5. That costs too much? Overpaying for life insurance only hurts your loved ones. A good agent will have many options available. Do not settle for someone who can only offer you a policy from one company!

6. And not understand the purpose for the policy? You will need a different type of policy for estate tax planning than for mortgage repayment.

7. Over five years ago? Things change – work with someone who will review your policy regularly (every couple of years). In the old days, we used to call this “service after the sale”.

8. Based on an emotional decision? Again, situations change. Maybe you don’t even need that particular policy anymore.

9. To save for retirement? In all but the rarest circumstances, this is not a practical idea.

10. From a company without a strong financial rating? Not all life insurance companies are created equal! The financial stability of the company is critical! What happens to your family when that company goes out of business and your policy is worthless?

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