Friday, August 24, 2007

Liability Insurance: The Most Overlooked Piece of the Financial Planning Process?

By: Stephen J. Evanko, Jr., CPCU, LUTCF, AAI
Delaware Insurance Advisors

Liability insurance – you probably have it now and don’t give it a second thought. You see, it’s part of your car insurance policy – the coverage that protects you if you are found liable for causing injuries or damaging property. It’s also included with most home policies – just in case someone slips and falls at your house or Fido decides to become too aggressive and bite someone.

If you own a business, your business liability insurance protects you from things such as customer’s accidents on your property, your negligent activities or your faulty products (i.e. food poisoning).

How can this important protection so often be “overlooked”? Very simple… you have a life. Let’s face it, you’d rather plan your vacation than bring out and dust off the car, home and business insurance policies. You know they haven’t been looked at in years…and you’re probably thinking “if it isn’t broke, why fix it?”

Here’s why you should pay close attention: everything you have earned could be lost because of one careless accident. What if you are briefly distracted and don’t allow enough distance between you and the car in front of you. Or, what if your employee fails to clean up a spill at your business?

Don’t take your protection and security for granted. Get those policies out and make sure your liability protection equals or exceeds your assets. Your assets (both personal and business) are those that you have earned, worked hard for or even inherited. So, why risk them?
The purpose of liability insurance is to protect your assets from people who want to take them away from you due to your negligence. You want to ensure that you and your family can maintain your lifestyle! Of course, there are always exceptions. Before making important decisions, be sure to work with the help of an experienced, credentialed and licensed insurance advisor.

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there is a hole in the system which is to be filled to make people aware of the importance of the insurances