Monday, May 21, 2007

Enter the Contractors

May 21, 2007 - It's been two weeks since the fire and ten days since the Adjuster (Kym T from GAB Robins) has walked through the property. I left a message this morning but have not heard back. I figure for any contractor to walk through and give me an estimate, it is going to take significant work, so I'm not panicking yet. If I haven't heard back in a week or so, I'll call the the Sentry adjuster in Wisconsin.

After the fire, I received a letter from the Columbus Department of Development. Boy, what a group; of all the broken down houses in Columbus, I show up on their radar. Since they've gotten involved in this, now any contractor I work with will have to work with them. Our tax dollars at work.

On Saturday, I walked through the property with a contractor I got in touch with through a referral. Some of the items we discussed: hundreds of gallons on Binz paint to cover up the smoke and water damage; examining the structural damage to the roof and walls and determining what can be salvaged and what needs removal. Supposedly, if the fire charred less than 1/8 inch of the wood in the structure, it can be scrapped, resealed and reused (???). Hmmm, this code nugget I'll have to see for myself.

In the meantime, the house next door is still collapsed on mine. That will need removal before much significant work can be done.

I keep promising a article on replacement cost, I'll get that out soon.

PS - got a call from the adjuster..Kym says she's waiting to hear back from the contractor and things should be rolling this week. Let's prey I'm not calling a claimant attorney this week.

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