Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fire claim creeping along

May 30th, 2007 - Memorial day has come and gone, and still no word from the insurance company. I called Tuesday, but no call back from Kym. If I don't hear something by this afternoon, I'll call Sentry directly.
Last week I received a call from Larry S. Larry is a Certified Fire Inspector from a Cleveland area company called S.E.A. I'm guessing the adjusters report and the fire marshals report were not enough information for Sentry Insurance, so they ordered a fire inspector to make sure the house next door burned down and caused my fire. Whatever.
Last Saturday, I had a meeting with a local contractor to got an estimate for the damage repair: $93,000 is his estimate. He didn't have anything in writing for me; I'm guessing so I won't use his work as reference material. Anyway, it's a starting point for when I hear back from my adjuster.
The house next door has been cleared away, nothing left but a foundation and a few pipes where Columbus water came in. Since the debris had been cleaned away, you can get to my house. Now some more windows will need to be boarded up.

I'm working on the replacement cost article, it should be done shortly. More later.

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