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Insider Insurance Secrets

Special Report . . .

“Insurance Insider Reveals Dirty, Behind The Scenes Secrets Your Auto & Home Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You To Know…”

What you need to do to stack the deck in your favor so you won’t ever get ripped off again!

By Stephen J. Evanko, Jr.
Insurance Advisor, Author & Speaker

What you have in your hand -- right now -- is “insider information”! This information is so explosive that your insurance company doesn’t want you to know about it. Even your current insurance agent hopes and prays you never read this!

You’re probably asking yourself… who is this guy? Why is he willing to spill his guts to me? And, why should I believe him?

Let me explain. It started many years ago in October 1982. That’s when I entered the insurance business. I was young, inexperienced and believed everything I was taught & trained to say and do. Boy… was I naive!

I began putting all these bits & pieces together and realized what was being said and what was being done were two different things.

Since then… I’ve made it my mission in life to educate you about these “little secrets” and how they affect your wallet! This way… you are armed with the information to move the odds in your favor.

So… let’s peel back the layers of these institutions and lay them bare. After reading the next five topics, you will learn how insurance operates, how to cut through the clutter and be equipped to take total control of your situation. REMEMBER: knowledge and information are power!

“Rating Territories: Where You Live Can Cost You Big Bucks!”

Rating territories are geographic lines that insurance companies draw up to price their policies. Territories look a lot like election districts – – they are cut up for a purpose.

That purpose is designed to charge you the proper rate for insurance. Example: A densely populated urban area is more expensive to insure than a sparsely populated rural area. More people… more claims… higher rates!

However, some insurance companies don’t have enough customers to develop proper rates. So they act conservatively and charge high rates too!

To be fair, most companies divide territories up by city, county or township. Although, there are some who can pinpoint it down to your 9 digit zip code!

Do not assume all insurance companies place you in the same territory!

It is possible that your neighbor, right across the street, is paying 27% less than you for their auto & home insurance!

Why is that?

You see… some insurance companies have lost fists full of cash in certain territories because of excessive claims. So what do they do? They choose to price their products higher in those territories.

This means you are paying more than your neighbor because his company hasn’t lost money in your territory and has taken a rate decrease.

Are you one of the lucky ones who’s getting a great deal or are you one of the unlucky ones who is paying for other people’s screw-ups?

The funny thing is -- -- you wouldn’t even know about this unless you’ve had an agent give you multiple proposals from different insurance companies.


“Rate Decreases: Get Yours While You Can!”

As of this writing, insurance companies want more business in Ohio. We are in what the insurance industry calls a “soft market”. Every insurance company is aggressively going after your business. That means… most have taken rate decreases in the past year!

Have your rates gone down? If not, one of two things is happening… you’re with the wrong insurance company or your agent is not doing his/her job!

Remember… your agent should work for you not just take your money every 6 or 12 months!

You have the right to receive multiple insurance proposals from multiple insurance companies!

Don’t treat your insurance policy like a utility bill! You know what I mean -- -- you received a quote 10, 8, 5 or 1 year ago -- -- you paid for the policy -- -- you put the policy in a drawer -- -- and another year goes by -- -- and the cycle starts all over again.

If you want the answer to this problem… read on!


“Service: Expect and Demand More!”

A long time ago… once the insurance agent sold you the policy, the insurance company did all the rest and the only time you saw the agent was to pay your bill.

Well, times sure have changed! Now everything related to your policy is handled by your local insurance agent.

This is good for you if… your agent is proactive, up-to-date on technology and enjoys building relationships with clients!

However, it is a nightmare for those whose agents are indifferent, under-staffed, improperly trained and just downright lazy!

Let’s face it – as Americans we’re so beat down, that average service now
qualifies as good service. Actually… a prompt return phone call is even considered amazing!

When was the last time your agent contacted you? (No – it doesn’t count if you called them to change a coverage on your policy!)

This day and age with the modern conveniences of technology (phone, cell phones, fax, email, regular mail) there is no excuse for not staying in touch with a client!

Every insurance agent should treat his/her client like GOLD!!! After all… you are a valuable asset to the agent and it’s time he/she realized it!

You see… communication is the key to protecting you, your family, your business and your assets!

Does your insurance company or agent tell you about the changes in your policy, the insurance industry or how these changes will affect you? If not… you’re not getting the best service & advice possible! And -- -- if you’re not getting the best service & advice -- -- you’re not getting the best protection!

Don’t get lulled in to thinking average is good!

You deserve nothing but the best!!


“Secrecy: Only The Insurance Companies Know What They Are Charging You!”

Back in the old days (1996), every adult got close to the same rate. That’s not true any more!

Let me explain… your rate is now based on hundreds of different factors. Anything from your address, your age, your credit rating, if you rent or own your home, your outstanding loans, your claims history, your marital status – just to name a few.

The computer types call it “multi-variate rate analysis”. To me – it’s just plain confusing!

It’s confusing to both the agents who sell & service the policies… and even more confusing to you, the clients!

To make matters worse -- -- every insurance company ranks these “variables”
differently! This means… you may be a wonderful prospect for one company and an average prospect to the next.

In some cases, you have no control over the rate you are charged by an insurance company.

What you do have control over is what company you do business with!

The Answer: Get professional advice and multiple insurance proposals to see what company offers the best protection for you and your situation!


“Auto & Homeowners Insurance After 9/11: This Does Affect You!”

This horrific event not only turned our nation upside down… it changed the insurance industry forever!

Every insurance company in the U.S. operates dramatically different since that tragic day!

Did you know that insurance companies have insurance on themselves? It is called “Re-Insurance”

After 9/11, the re-insurance companies analyzed their contracts and re-negotiated these contracts with the insurance companies. What does this mean? It means only the best, most profitable, well run insurance companies got the “lowest rates”.

How does this affect you? If your insurance company met the high standards of the re-insurers -- -- they received the low rates -- -- which were passed down to you!

If your insurance company didn’t meet these standards, their rates went up… and so did yours!

I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, “That was in 2001 and this is now!” So what?

Well here is a “little know fact”…

When the owners decided to insure the World Trade Center Towers, they decided the odds of losing both towers completely were astronomical. So they only bought enough coverage to rebuild one tower.

That way if one tower was totally destroyed they were covered or if both towers were partially destroyed they were still covered. No one ever thought that both towers would ever be totally destroyed at the same time! How wrong they were!

Therefore, the additional loss had to be absorbed by the re-insurers -- -- who passed the expense to the insurance companies -- -- who passed the expense to you. (Get the picture?)

And… a loss of this magnitude is felt for many, many years to come!

9/11 also forced the insurance companies to change the policies offered to you by altering coverages!

Did you know… that most insurance companies no longer voluntarily cover acts of terrorism! For obvious reasons -- another massive terrorist attack could have bankrupted the insurance industry.

It is also more difficult for certain business to obtain insurance coverage because they are considered “terrorist targets”.

No one event, in modern history has ever affected the insurance industry so dramatically!


Yes, there’s a lot of information in this report. And, it’s o.k. if you need to go back and re-read it to fully understand how it impacts you, your family, your business and your assets.

What’s your next step… you need to step back and examine your situation!

Ask yourself: Have I switched insurance companies in the last 5 years? Do I have an understanding of what I’m paying for? Does my current agent have choices for me to consider? Am I the only one who is proactive? And finally, do I get regular reviews from my current agent?

If you answer NO to any one of these questions, you should contact me immediately!

Who else has given you this valuable information? Why stay loyal to an insurance company or agent who doesn’t give you the time of day? What would cause you to do business with someone who doesn’t give more than he/she gets?

If your current agent doesn’t offer you choices -- contact me. I have 11 top rated insurance companies line up for your business!

If your current agent hasn’t explained, in detail, what your policy covers and why you’re paying exactly what you’re paying… call me now! You deserve the right to know! I offer explanations in words you can understand… not “insurance-ese”.

If your current agent hasn’t contacted you (and it doesn’t count if you call him) for your annual review – – you must talk with me! My clients receive a review of their insurance portfolio, at least once a year.

Have you even taken your policy out of the drawer in the last year?

You must do so right now! Do not delay!

Don’t treat your insurance policy like a utility bill. (It shows up and you just pay it without thinking twice about it!) You have everything to lose in a blink of an eye!

Contact me and experience what an insurance advisor has to offer!!!

Stephen J. Evanko, Jr.
Insurance Advisor, Author & Speaker
Delaware Insurance Advisors LLC
Call: (740) 369-1040 or (614) 888-4405
Fax: (614) 474-1672

(This is not intended as a solicitation for anyone outside the State of Ohio)

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