Thursday, June 7, 2007

Slow motion claims payment

June 07, 2007 - Notice I haven't posted in the past week about my claims settlement. Mostly because there hasn't been one! I'm hoping today will be the day.

Called Kym on Monday, she's waiting to hear back from a contractor on the asbestos cleanup. Tuesday same answer. Wednesday, still nothing so I call Joel from Sentry Wednesday afternoon and leave a voicemail. Joel calls me back around 5:15 local and is surprised nothing is done yet. He wonders why 'my' contractor is taking so long. I explain that the contractor helping Kym with the estimate is one she recommended and this puzzles him more. Anyway, he promises to at least send out a partial payment for loss of rent for May & June (funny the mortgage company still wants to be paid) and he'll kick Kym's chair today. He does say the initial estimate for damage is in the $130K range.

Hopefully today will be the day. Posted by Ernesto.

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